Educating Rita

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  • Published : August 9, 2011
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New experiences often occur in the transition of coming ‘into the world’. People in society learn to experience growth and cope with change in the world and themselves. Willy Russell’s play Educating Rita, demonstrates different pathways between the two protagonists, Frank and Rita and there coming ‘into the world’ journey. In the play Willy Russell uses visual techniques such as: positioning, colouring, facial expression, and symbols. The use of these techniques has allowed the composer to portray a better understanding of the play Educating Rita and how it represents the message of coming ‘into the world’. One of the main themes in Educating Rita is change. Rita want’s to move into a different world from where she grew up in. At the beginning of the play the audience comes to understand Rita changes her name from Susanne to Rita. This is significant as it shows an indication that she wants to transform herself, leaving her past behind her. Frank however becomes uncomfortable with the idea of being the mechanism of Rita’s change. The theme change is represented in the positioning of the two protagonists as it signifies both Frank and Rita as ‘coming into the world. The positioning of the characters shows Frank standing over Rita, distinctively reflecting the authority of Frank as he is the professor and the enthusiasm of Rita, as she is getting an education she is finding herself “See I don’t wanna a baby yet. See, I wanna discover myself first”. (Act one Pg. 12) This shows Rita coming ‘into the world’ as her transition of becoming educated helps her discover herself. Frank however has many questions, “what can I teach you?” (Act one Pg. 13) This displays Frank without authority as he is asking Rita what she wants to learn, meaning that even though Frank is educated it does not mean he has all the answers. The colouring of the visual text also expose the theme of change reveals a sense of coming ‘into the world’ as it shows Rita wearing blue, a bright...
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