Educating Our Future: an Analysis of Sex Education in the Classroom

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: June 7, 2005
In the article entitled "Educating our Future: An Analysis of Sex Education in the Classroom", Michael J. Fucci offered his commentary on the evolution and legal ramifications of sex education programs in today's classroom. The author began by relating a brief history of how sex education programs, that began as "hygiene" based, have evolved into a more explicit curriculum. Because, according to the author, these programs now also focus on sexuality, he provided commentary on the legal issues raised secondary to parent's concerns over ceding control of their child's rearing in this sensitive area. The author also examined the efficacy of current sex education through the use of statistical information. Lastly, he considered a model that is intended to be sensitive to all involved parties' concerns.

Fucci pointed out the attempts by the courts to bring together the rights of parents and children, along with the responsibilities schools have in the education of students. The Meyer v. Nebraska decision, that articulated the inherent right of parents to decide how their children are raised, was cited as an integral part of this issue because it seems to force the idea that parents must be allowed to have a say in their child's sexual education. Other court cases were cited that involved individual religious freedom versus educational concerns of the state. The author also discussed court decisions that upheld the rights of students to refrain from participating in activities that violated their religious or moral convictions. Fucci related these decisions to sex education by pointing out that while the aforementioned decisions were brought because of opposition to political issues, the right of the student to abstain from objectionable activities applies. In discussing the rights of schools, Fucci again cited cases in which the court's decisions could be applied to the sex education issue. Specifically, cases were cited in which the rights of school boards,...
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