Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Prof. Miller
Walden University
EDU 1001-3
March 18, 2013

Selection of teacher is a very serious job because a teacher deals with children and they are the future of any nation. The behavior of a child can be reflected with by the behavior of his teacher and hence a teacher should be a good person and a good human being. The main qualities of a teacher should contain extreme patience which is needed in case of teaching children and if this quality is missing then that individual is incapable of becoming a teacher. Recently I was given the opportunity to conduct an interview of a teacher. The name of the teacher was Linda (actual name hidden) and she was a teacher by profession and was teaching kindergarten children. The experience of this interview was amazing because fist of all she was a lady with an exceptional personality and there was always a smile in her face. I definitely asked about the reason for her smile and why she keeps on smiling, in reply I got a very interesting. According to her whatever we do are imitated by the children and she wants that her every children should keep a smile in their faces always. The age group of children she was dealing with was in the range of 4-8 years. The children in her school were from different backgrounds with different ethics and rituals. The demographics of the children and their families were very strong and concern. In her interview she stated about the background of the families of the children as very educated and the parents are very concerned about the quality of the education their children are getting. Her experience in this field was around 15 years. The most enjoyable thing in her job was to deal with children who give inner peace and this was the main reason for choosing this field. In her view the accomplishment as a teacher to give a fruitful teaching to her fellow children and share some learning experience with them. Quality education is necessary for the...
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