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Below are ten facts about Saturn and a table of statistics.
Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System after Jupiter. It is so big that Earth could fit into it 755 times. FACT TWO
Saturn is a slightly smaller version of Jupiter, with similar, but less distinctive, surface patterns. Its only main difference is its amazing rings. FACT THREE
Saturn's rings may be particles of an old moon orbiting the planet, smashed apart in a collision about 50 million years ago. FACT FOUR
Saturn's rings orbit the planet at different tilts. Sometimes, they can appear like 'ears' sticking out of the planet. At other times, they are flat on when seen from Earth and are hardly visible. This shows how thin they can be. FACT FIVE

It is believed that Saturn's rings will one day disappear. They will either disperse (spread out) into space or get sucked into the planet by its pull of gravity. This will happen in about 50 million years. FACT SIX

Despite its similarities to Jupiter, there is no great spot on Saturn, although the planet does have stormy weather. FACT SEVEN
Saturn is twice as far away from the Sun as Jupiter is.
Saturn's largest moon, Titan, is the only moon in the Solar System to possess an atmosphere. FACT NINE
Saturn has such a low density (meaning that its particles are far apart) that, if there was an ocean big enough, Saturn would float on it. In comparison, Earth and Mercury would sink to the bottom quickest. FACT TEN

A year on Saturn would take almost thirty Earth years. However, a day on Saturn is about 10 and a half hours.
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