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Topic: In his book, Van Brummelen discusses "neutral curriculum."  Define this concept in your own words and share your opinion on this idea. How does a Christian teacher's responsibility apply to a Christian school?  A public school? Discuss legal implications in both settings.  If you have any personal experience with this topic, please feel free to share it with the class.

According to Van Brummelen’s Steppingstones to Curriculum, “A curriculum must include a diversity of value positions without promoting any particular one.” (p.3) Based on this quote, a curriculum must be neutral. A neutral curriculum is a given course of studies, which students must fulfill in order to pass a certain level of education that lacks moral thoughts, teacher’s religious beliefs and/or character education. A neutral curriculum, in my opinion, does not exist. I believe some teachers interject personal beliefs about acceptable and unacceptable classroom behavior, such as taking responsibility for ones actions or being respectful to teachers and peers. Personal beliefs may be different among teachers, but whatever influences our lives comes out in how we manage our classrooms. For example, a student at the public school where I teach showed another student his new skeleton with claws tattoo. Another teacher began to criticize the student for having a tattoo. This teacher found this tattoo very offensive and injected her beliefs into this situation.

A Christian teacher’s responsibilities include teaching the truth, values, good citizenship, culture and society based on the Bible. A major responsibility for a Christian teacher is to strive to learn God’s Holy Word and teach God inspired words to his or her students. This also means finding biblically based answers to all of life’s questions. Therefore, a Christian teacher cannot adhere to a neutral curriculum at a Christian school. The curriculum at this school is based on Christian beliefs. However, a Christian teacher...
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