Edu 521 Journal Article - Twice Exceptional Students

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Liberty University
Twice-Exceptional Students

The article titled How Can Such a Smart Kid Not Get it, is a document on implementing programs for twice-exceptional students in public schools. A twice-exceptional student is one who is gifted but also has a learning disability. Often in the public school system educators are forced to focus on the weakness of a student rather than the strengths which are often ignored. Therefore when a student has an IEP the school will focus on the IEP goals and objectives rather than improving on the strengths of the child in collaboration with the weaknesses. According to Yssel, Prater, & Smith (2010), when educators focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, and when twice-exceptional students are provided with appropriate coping strategies and accommodations, social and academic success is possible. Researchers agree that a twice-exceptional student unique educational and emotional needs require an individualized approach not a one size fits all method (Yssel et al, 2010).

Researchers suggest that in order to boost academic self-efficacy, twice-exceptional students must be empowered by opportunities to be successful and that traditional self-esteem programs alone cannot accomplish this task. A nurturing climate and emotional support system are crucial elements in effective learning experiences for twice-exceptional learners (Yssel, 2010. Therefore the authors of this article suggest that this population undergo certain programs and criteria within the public school system. Because twice exceptional children often feel isolated due to feeling like “one of a kind,” and not fitting in with their peers they should engage themselves with other students who are also twice-exceptional. Furthermore students with this disability are often distractible and have difficulty staying on task and therefore these students should be engaged in areas of strength and interest (Yssel, 2010). Also effective programming for these...
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