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Topics: Mughal painting, Painting, Art Pages: 7 (2201 words) Published: November 26, 2012
The purpose of this easy is to compare and contrast two art lessons in relation to authentic arts learning and integration. The lessons will be sourced from the internet and both will be examples of using objects in the natural environment to create a painting. The lessons were designed for students in grades two to six. Discussion

Authentic arts is as noted by Dinham,(2011) arts that incorporates learning involving integration necessitates, making connections across the curriculum between subject areas or disciplines and providing opportunities for students to witness and engage the relationships, transfer their knowledge and apply their learning through these connections. To make this happen there needs to be a move to prepare classroom teachers to become aware of art, and ways of delivering a successful lesson. Smilan and Marzilli miraglia (2009) notes, that “teachers need clarification about what art integration is and what it entails. We believe that true authentic art- integrated learning places visual arts content at the centre of teaching and learning (p.39)”. Meaning every teacher must continue to up skill their own knowledge of art and understands the elements to delivering an authentic art lesson requires(Dinham,2011). Art is more than painting, drawing and play dough; it is not merely a time filler at school, so teacher can have a break, or a bit of fun. Dinham, (2011) suggest that teachers need to understand what art gives their students, and how art provides a connectedness to society and their own identity and meaning. Art provides students the opportunities to problem solve, express their needs and emotion, be creative, try new experience and more importantly teachers need to appreciate authentic arts programmes as a significant importance in the curriculum. Lessons

Lesson one demonstrates a well prepared art lesson and in lesson two, many elements of creating an effective authentic arts lesson are missing. Both lesson one and two require students to use natural items found in the environment to create a painting. Both lessons would be suited for students in grades two to six, and comprises elements of authentic arts. Below is a table that show what elements of authentic arts are essential when delivering an arts class.

Required characteristics| Example|
1. Has connections across the curriculum| Lessons makes links to other curriculum such as maths, history etc.| 2. Uses understanding of multiple intelligences and different learning styles| Such as Howard Gardner concepts of multiple intelligence.| 3. Is themed and examines the theme in different areas| Such as dinosaurs, outdoor garden, countries. | 4. Uses different modes of learning incorporated into different areas| Such as reading, singing, creating, comparing, contrasting, discussing.| 5. Lessons relate to real life tasks, that draw on a range of knowledge and skills across the curriculum| Lesson would encourage students to use prior knowledge of the task at hand.| 6. Learning’s provide opportunity for students to see relationships, transfer and apply learning and make connections across the curriculum| The lesson has been enriched with elements of real life experience and understanding.| 7. Activities are Instrumental and/or intrinsic| Instrumental, lessons that extend beyond the immediate lesson. Intrinsic lessons relates to the learning gained through the lesson Dinham,(2011).| Table is adapted from PowerPoint presentation Integration. Curtin University, (2012). Using this table as a guide the below lessons well be corresponded with the number from the above table showing which part of the lesson address each charatritcs. Lesson one: Retrieved from http://contemporaryartscenter.org/images/lessonplans/mughal-miniatures_natural-beauty.pdf

Mughal Miniature Paintings: Natural Beauty

Grades: 2nd-7th
Visual Arts
Developed By: Kristen M. Woods
Lesson Description:
Mughal miniature painting...
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