Edp136 Mathematics Education Assessment 1

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EDP136 Mathematics Education

Assessment 1: Planning for mathematics teaching
Due: Weeks 3and 10
10% (Week 3) and 40% (Week 10)

The purpose of this assessment task
This assessment task is focused on developing your capacities to be an effective mathematics teacher. Key aspects of these capacities are: attitudes towards mathematics; mathematics knowledge; knowledge of how children learn mathematics; and knowledge of resources that can support children’s mathematics learning.

The weekly learning activities of this unit are designed to provide opportunities for you to develop these aspects of your professional capacities. In this regard the weekly learning activities will engage you in a variety of learning experiences, including: textbook readings; readings of scholarly and research documents; examination of classroom videos and lessons; examination of mathematics curriculum documents; critiquing of online and other resources for mathematics learning and teaching; reflections upon your own mathematics learning experiences; development of your own mathematics knowledge; answering key questions concerning mathematics education; and sharing and discussing your ideas.

What this assessment task will contain
For this assessment you are required to draw upon your learning as recorded in your Learning Log and submit 9 items that document your professional learning. You will submit 2 items in Week 3 and 7 items in Week 10 (total of 9 items). One of your submissions in Week 3 will be marked and feedback provided to you to enhance your later submissions, and this will contribute to 10% of the 50% allocated to Assessment 1.

You will have some choice in what you submit as your 9 items, however there must be one item derived from the learning activities of each of Weeks 1 to 9 of this unit. That is, you will not submit an ‘item’ for every learning activity in a particular week, but instead make choices about how best to document your learning in a particular...
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