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Francesca Tines
Professor Karim
English 120

Mark Edmundson
“On the uses of a Liberal Education”

Mark Edmundson’s “On the uses of a Liberal Education” provides interesting points on why the liberal arts education is becoming part of consumer goods and how education is being advertised. Edmundson states different causes for this effect and comes up with consumer culture in society. He believes that the liberal art education is unsuccessful because Americans are attracted to consumption and entertainment. Education is becoming more about consumerism and not about students’ education because it is what they are expected not because they want they choose to higher their education. Edmundson’s view on what education means that the students are learning and improving their education and not just doing it for consumerism.

Students, according to Edmundson, are not being their individual selves. He believes that society is making students’ part of “consumer culture” (280). Edmundson states, “that many of them have imbibed their sense of self consumer culture in general and from the tube in particular”(280). He stated that the student is influenced by the consumer culture and this happens because of television. Edmundson likes his students to be individual. In his article he talked about a specific student named, Joon Lee. Joon Lee is a student that he and his colleague talk about when they see each other. Edmundson said that what he like about Lee is he, “decided to follow his interests and let them make him into a singular and eccentric man” (280). This quote shows how Edmundson admired this man because he did not let consumer culture change his personality. He stated that consumerism makes people step away from individuality because they are “stifled from trying to achieve anything original” (281). Students wanting to fit in society do not allow them to learn and grow from their education.

According to Edmundson the reason why students are not as...
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