Edmunds Corrugated Parts Services

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The demand on Edmunds Corrugated Parts and Services products is diminishing, because many of the surviving manufacturers have invested in quality machines.

There is an alarming increase in the cost of raw materials.

There is difficulty in replenishing the existing manpower.

Have a study to look for alternative products to be produced by the current factory set-up. Prepare for the replenishment the same quality employees. Hold trainings and seminars. Use technology to upgrade facilities to lower cost of production Conduct marketing strategy to increase sales.

The innovation and the evolution of products are rapidly changing; therefore it is inevitable for companies to venture and traverse with these changes so that their respective products will not be obsolete. It is advisable for Edmunds Corrugated parts & services to rely on their strengths of exceptional reputation for reliability, personalized service touch and hardworking, skilled loyal employees. This will be their competitive edge in venturing into other possible products. Training will be required of them since their workforce is nearly due for replacements.

Industry leader with exceptional reputation for reliability Skilled loyal employeesSkilled loyal employees are near retirement Location is rural
Possible replacements were finding jobs elsewhere
Diversion to new products
Has 50,000 foot square factory
Youthful manpower is availableOther alternative business nature is emerging Products are going to be obsolete
Paper industry is being wiped out


Make use of the property by investing on new technology and machines for alternative products

Marketing strategies using internet technology

Offer attractive employment packages to hire new skilled employees


Invest in research to replace steel with a...
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