Edmond Dantes Character Analysis

Topics: The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantès, Abbé Faria Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Before his imprisonment, Edmond Dantes was what you’d considered as every parent’s dream child. He’s what you’d describe as hard-working, honest and innocent to the point that he is naive. He cared immensely for his aging father, always wanting the best for him and supplying him with love and money. Edmond admired his boss, Monsieur Morrel greatly, and he even thought kindly of the three men who clearly loath him. Everything was going swell for the young sailor as he was soon to marry Mercedes, the love of his life and had been promoted to captain of the Pharaon but that all changed when his sneak conspirators plot against him. The conspirators, otherwise known as Danglars, Mondego and Villefort’s vile actions lead Edmond down a path of 14 years in prison. During his 14 years in prison, Edmond transformed into a man filled with vengeance, hatred and hungry for revenge. He was no longer the positive and optimistic young man. This was all thanks to the great Abbe Faria, an old but wise priest who gave Edmond the most valuable gift one can receive; knowledge. With Abbe’s help, Edmond realized those who wronged him and vow to make their life miserable as they did to his. Abbe also taught Edmond skills from fencing to economics since he would need it for his journey to seek revenge. Edmond who later changed to Count of Monte Cristo, kept his bitter, cunning and cold hearted ways throughout the novel until he encountered a profound situation that left him questioning his actions. In chapter LXIX page 97, the novel stated “Since the death of little Edouard a great change had taken place in Monte Cristo. Having arrived at the summit of his vengeance after his slow and tortuous climb, he had looked down into the abyss of doubt.” The Count, obviously affected by the outcome of his actions, doubted himself and if God had really supported his revenge as innocent lives were taken. His last actions included kidnapping Danglars but spared his life as he wished to put an end to...
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