Edmond Dante's

Topics: The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas, père, Intelligence Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Edmond Dantés’ Disguises
How would a person feel if all they ever loved and cared for was taken away from them at 19-years old? Alexandre Dumas created an amazing fictional novel in 1844. The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventurous book that keeps its readers on their toes. The writer will target the main character in this book. Edmond Dantés was a naïve nineteen-year old teenager who had his life set. Dantés’ personality is something a writer would write about. He had an amazing job, fiancé, and life. That all came crumbling down when four of his friend, or so he thinks, betrayed him and sent him to prison. Dantés’ strong willing character makes readers want to read more of the book. Dantés has become a loyal, intelligent, and vengeful man who, after being tricked by four selfish men, has planned his plot of revenge.

Dantés was only nineteen-years old when his life was taking a tremendous leap. He starts off the beginning of the book positioned as the first mate on the Pharaon. The Morrel family was shipowners, which was a family business. Maximilien and Julie Morrel were Monsieur Morrel’s children who were apart of the family. Since Monsieur Morrel was the shipowner of the Pharaon, he was the first person to examine the ship since its cargo is very expensive. Dantés informed him that Captain Leclére died off Civitavecchia and the status on the ship was in good condition. Dantés returned to his duties, while Danglars tried to suck up to the shipowner. Dantés is known to be a man worth trusting and taking charge. While Morrel was watching Dantés preparing to drop anchor, he made a comment to Danglars saying, “…it seems to me a man doesn’t have to be old to do his work well, Danglars. Our friend Edmond there doesn’t look as though he needs advice from anyone.” (Dumas 3). It is implied that Morrel admires Dantés loyalty and speaks to Danglars on account of Dantés. Dantés explains to Morrel that before the death of Captain Leclére, the captain ordered Dantés to...
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