Edl-531 - Active Listening Skills

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Active Listening Skill Reflection
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October 22, 2012

Active Listening Skill Reflection
Kelly and Grace are the two senior corporate trainers interviewed during the focus group discussion about the use cognitive coaching skills when developing new trainers. Kelly has over 10-years of training and supervisory experience, and Grace has nine-years of training experience, both are responsible for mentoring new trainers hired by the financial institution for the first six months of their career. This paper will cover the cognitive coaching experiences of Kelly and Grace as they respond to the 11 questions prepared by Learning Team C, associated with desired characteristics and the types of support provided by effective coaches. Also covered are the active listening skills demonstrated by participants of the focus group during discussions. Please note, the interviewer did not include every question discussed in this paper to conserve word count. Questions

|How do you practice active listening skills when coaching a client? | |Name two qualities of an effective coach or mentor. | |Why do you want to be a mentor? | |In what ways do you model behaviors? | |Describe at least two techniques for mentoring difficult mentees. (DuBrin, 2005) | |How do you develop your approach to support a mentee? | |Explain how you would implement constructive criticism. | |Describe how you would provide insight...
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