Editorial Summary

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Eng-121, M/W 8:00
Editorial Summary

J. C. of NH wrote a letter to the Editor of a local paper. JC is concerned with all the many

new proposed educational bills by the Republican Party in the State. His ultimate question is,

what is going to happen to the NH Advantage.

Mr. C. claims that the public is learning all about the future of NH's education program as

the house seeks to eliminate the arts, tech programs and foreign languages. He touched on the

impact the cuts would have on the North Country when selling products to Canada. The

Republicans have, said Mr. C., “ filed bills to eliminate kindergarten and allow 16-year-

olds to drop our of school once again.”

The writer thinks that if the House was to pass the proposed bills, it would have

undermined the NH Advantage. The NH Advantage is the belief in the New Hampshire's unique

quality of life, as a place to live, raise a family, do business and visit. Mr. C. feels that

added and undue financial stress would be experienced by the parents who would need to find

alternate arrangement for their kindergarten age children until they'd be allowed to enroll with

the school district for 1st grade.

There is a comparison made where salt and pepper are viewed as a metaphor for the bits and

pieces that are being removed from existing laws and added in to the new proposals. I quote

Mr C.,”While salt and pepper taste good on our potatoes, it doesn't taste so well in our education system.”
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