(Editorial) Pnoy's Love Life vs. the Economy Crisis

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  • Published : September 11, 2012
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Being the president of the nation, you have a lot of things to consider; economic growth, political issues and anything that will help to make the country develop and to be successful. You can see different issues about our president in any tabloids and broadsheets discussing Philippine issues and governmental problems. But what is happening now is the other way around? Media are much more interested on PNoy’s love life; people are getting anxious to what is happening in his love life. Does anybody cares?

No wonder, the president of the Philippines called several press conferences not for the important issues about the economy but to maintain his reputation when it comes to love life. Pertaining to his, like a coca cola, “zero”. There are a lot of news that should have been discussed like the poverty of Filipinos, the health welfare, the lack of natural resources, the increase number of population of immigrants all over the world and the high rate of unemployment.

Issues like this should not be announced in public, this is a private thing and nobody cares what’s happening in his love life. Whether he is getting married or not. He rules the Philippines but still he’s not a star, and actually he is not aware of the problems in the Philippines. He loves to go around the world, go to different places in times when he is needed the most, during the calamities and crisis, like the latest typhoon that hit the Philippines. I believed that he enjoyed a $2 hotdog and a bottle of coke at the corner of 6th Avenue and West 45th street near his hotel in New York, good PR? Or what? Another is the tourist bus hostage, he had made absolutely no effort to take an active interest in the case, never mind that it was a high profile hostage-taking scenario involving foreigners. From that alone, Noynoy should have dropped everything else in order to ensure that this incident would end up resolved with all hostages surviving. See? There are so many to discuss instead of setting...
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