Editorial on Obesity

Topics: McDonald's, Hamburger, French fries Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Who could have thought that America, one of the greatest superpowers of the world would face its downfall not to another country’s invasion, or a nuclear meltdown of some sorts? Instead we are facing casualties at the hand of terrorist known as Ronald McDonald. Obesity is running rampant in our once fine country, more so than the citizens themselves; and perhaps the worst factor about this epidemic is not the fact that we are losing more and more to obesity, but the fact that we know full and well what is killing our country, and yet we do nothing to prevent further fatassery.

Obesity is getting so out of control that it appears that handicap parking spots and electric scooters are beginning to look like the latest fashion trend for hambeasts rather than reserved for the legitimately disabled. The worst part about it is that those blowing up like Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons refuse to accept that it is their own fault and not those flipping the burgers. Countless lawsuits have been filed by blubbering beached whales against fast food chains because there is no surgeon general’s warning that food made exclusively out of grease will make you look like Rosie O’ Donnell. However, is the restaurant chain truly to blame? They most certainly cannot, or else Ronald McDonald’s best friend grimace would have sued the corporation a long time ago for making him such a lard ass. The restaurant chain’s motive, like any corporation, is to make money; and as long as there are hambeasts throwing their money at them, they will welcome it with open arms. Perhaps a restaurant cashier should act in the same way a bartender does when they believe that a patron has had too much to drink in order to prevent the customer from lodging French fries in their arteries? Despite the fact there are no addicting ingredients added to these foods; several thousands of pitiful, pathetic souls have claimed to be “addicted” to the greasy morsels. As a business tactic, McDonalds should...
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