Editorial: Immigration

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Editorial: Immigration

Between 1880 and 1920, almost 24 million immigrants arrived to the United States, primarily from southern and eastern Europe. All of these “new immigrants” underwent numerous troubles suffering separation from family, disease, and even the news that they were not welcome. Low wages, unemployment, and religious persecution pushed all of these men and women out of their homeland to travel to a new place which was known as “The Land of Liberty”. Many were welcome, but that was if you were deemed “fit” for this country. Although most of the immigrants could not speak English because they came from Russia, Greece, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Croatia, Italy, China, and even Asia, they were able to conjugate ethnic communities where their culture was preserved. But even these small communities would not be able to withstand any of the discrimination they would be faced with later on.

In this time period however, life for a native-born American was hard enough, but now with all of the new able bodies ready to work for such a low wage, the Americans would have to settle for what they could get their hands on. This Industrial Age brought many new jobs though, so finding work was not the issue. In fact, the big businesses needed the labor, which meant using non-U.S. Citizens to fill the void. So the problem presents itself within the hands of the corrupt corporation not giving the amount of pay needed to survive under the costs of living (as I have mentioned before in a previous editorial). These big business men “controlled the people through their own money” as Louis Brandeis said in his book Other People’s Money. Inevitably, power took over the weak, not just with this issue, but for one unparticular.

Racism has always been around, and always will be. You and I may question its existence, but it is one thing that is unavoidable no matter where you go. And for the Chinese immigrants at this time could not...
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