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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Josue Cepero
Reading Jurnal
Dear Miss. Jackee:
This book is called The Great Escape. This book is a really good book. I thought that this book was going to be really borring but it actually wasn't it was really good.
The main character in this book is a boy named Brian. Brian is from Germany and he hadto leave his home because ther Russians were attacking the Germans and he and his mom left toanother state in Germany.

The rising action in this book is that Brian and his mom have to leave their home town and leave everything behind and go somewhere else without getting cought or killed. And they don'tknow where ther going eather have a map or anything to guide them they are just running from the Rissians and to hope that they don't get cought.

The climax in this book is that they get to some where safely and Brian gets a job helping the Americans and his mom gets a job house kepping for some lady and they both have a job andhave enough money to live. And to make the story better the war ends and Brian has a job with the Americans and they leave because the war ended so Brian doesen't have a job , but he finds another job translating from English to German and German to English with some americans and he finds his future job.

The falling action is that he and his mom don't have to worry about leaving again because there was not goinf to be any other war.
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