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Topics: Deforestation, Rainforest, Tropical rainforest Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Ancient Forests: Protector or Profit

How would it feel spending each and every day fighting for a breath of fresh air? What about living in a world where the climate is unstable? Thousands of different species could become extinct along with even more types of plant life. If ancient forest continue to be destroyed, these scenarios could become reality in the future. Ancient forest provide homes to approximately two-thirds of animal and plant life that can be found on land. They are also depended on by millions of people for survival and contain some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. I consider this a moral issues because it affects life on a number of different levels. In addition to destroying the forests that helps some people survive, deforestation companies also destroy the homes and lives of millions of animals, directly and indirectly. This is also the issue of the climate deteriorating which can cause unusual weather patterns, severe weather, and even global warning. That definitely threatens the lives of humans, along with all other life on the planet. In most places around the world, it is illegal to kill for profit, much less kill. So why is it different for deforestation companies to do it?

One issue that I personally have had to think about is that the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation(HSBC) was involved in funding the “ forest-destroyer” Sinar Mas. At first it did not seem like a problem until I realized that one of my credit cards was with household Bank and provided by HSBC. I was actually helping to fund the destruction of forests all over the world every time I paid my credit card bill. Even though it was a small amount, after adding it up from every other card holder with them, that amount can grow to a noticeable amount. Fortunately, according to a blog posted by Rolf, “HSBC has dropped Sinar Mas from its investment management fund” (Rolf, 2010). This important in a few ways. Now, people with cards from HSBC are...
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