Edison State College Management Learning System

Topics: Learning management system, Education, Virtual learning environment Pages: 4 (2162 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Running Header: Capstone Project 1

Edison State College Management Learning System
Bruce D. Parker
Edison State College
Prior to entering into the virtual world of the modern college learning system a pre-requisite would normally be a degree in computer science with a large background in computer programing. However, in a virtual world the need is for everyone to be able to understand how the virtual world works. The movie “Tron” from the 1980’s, (recently reproduced) is an easy way for anyone to envision the virtual world. This process initially involves a moveable object (user), and the means by which they enter into the virtual world of multiple programmers and a centralized learning system in which all participants can operate collectively. These learning systems are comparable to large university buildings with multiple floors, numerous departments, teachers, students, faculty, and other essential personnel. One of the primary purposes for the modern college learning system is to enhance the learning experience from the universities perspective, the teacher’s perspective, and the student’s perspective. In the virtual world, outdated programs and systems frequently have to be up-dated or discarded (moved to the basement). Moore’s Law of computer dynamics stated that the “number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years.” (Moore, 1965) Moore’s Law is the foundation for exciting new technological capabilities and improved energy efficiency. In nonprofessional terms, this statement in essence says that technology will advance at a rapid rate. In order for the modern college or university to keep its faculty and students up with the current virtual world, it is essential that they keep ahead of the technological curve, as they are the principle educators and students in modern intellectual society. Blackboard CE6, the version of the prior primary system for this college...
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