Edible Oil Sector

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  • Published : March 11, 2012
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According to the Humburg –based world Trade Journal global production of oils & fats stood at 160 million tons in 2009. There are two sources of fats and oils; those extracted from vegetables such as coconuts, cotton seeds, cashewnuts, groundnuts, sunflower seeds, simsime, soya beans, maize germ and palm fruits and those extracted from milk animal meat.

In Kenya the preference source of oils and fats and oils is extracted from vegetable oils with domestic production at 380,000 tons a third of the annual demand. The rest is imported at a cost of 140 million USD. The key players extract oil from seeds and fruits to produce the oil and fats and by products of oil cake used in manufacture of animal feeds and palm flakes used for soap manufacturing.

The key players are Bidco oil refineries Ltd with 49% market, Kapa oil refineries, Palmac refineries, Pwani oil refineries ltd. They also export mainly to the horn of Africa as well as Europe and the USA.

The Organisation

Started over 35 years ago, Bidco has asserted its position as the East and Central Africa’s leading most advanced edible oil and hygiene products manufacturers and marketers. The Company is the brainchild of Bhimji Depar Shah the grand patriarch of Bidco after whom the company is named. Over the years, Bidco successfully won over the market, becoming, the largest and fastest growing manufacturer of vegetable oils, fats, margarine, soaps and protein concentrates in East and Central Africa. The market success of these products has led Bidco to look to the future and expand its horizons. Currently, Bidco market the largest and widest range of quality edible oil and hygiene products in East and Central Africa.s To Grab, Grow and Sustain No: 1 Market Share in the African Markets by 2030. BIDCO exists to serve daily consumer needs to enhance happy healthy living by Branding, Transforming, Distributing the goodness of Mother Nature.

The industry faces a few challenges:...
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