Edible Oil Industry-India

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“In Depth Study of Edible Oil Industry in India”

In the partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Program (2002-2004) Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan.

Project Guide Prof. Bhavin Pandya Faculty Member, SVIM

Prepared By Samir Patel Rajendra Patel



Preparing a project of this nature is an arduous task and we were fortunate enough to get support from large number of persons to whom we shall always remain grateful. With immense pleasure we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Prof. Bhavin Pandya, Project Guide & Faculty Member, S.V. Institute of Management, for having given us this privilege of working under him and completing the study and for the valuable advice, guidance, precious time and support that he offered. We are desirous of placing on record profound indebtedness to Prof. Tejas Dave, Faculty Member, S.V. Institute of Management, for the valuable advice, guidance, precious time and support that he offered. We would be failing in duty if we do not acknowledge the gratitude to Prof. Hitesh Ruparel, HOD, S.V. Institute of Management, who motivated us a lot in carrying out this project and whose kind supervision, keen interest and valuable suggestions went all the in successful completion of this work.

We know that food, cloth and shelter are the three basic requirements in the life cycle of a human being. Clothing and Shelter are important, but the most important is food, without which a living being can’t survive. Particularly, in India where Edible oil in one or other form is consumed in almost every household. The peculiar Indian food habits prefer fried vegetables and several other fried snacks. India is one of the world's leading producers of oil seeds and oil, contributing to 9.3% of world oilseed production and is the fourth largest oilseed producing country in the World next to USA, China, and Brazil, harvesting about 25 million tons of oilseeds per annum. The edible oil sector occupies a distinct position in Indian economy, as it provides job to millions of people, achieves on an average a domestic turn over of about US $ 10 billion per annum and earns foreign exchange of US $ 90 million per annum. India is fortunate in having a wide range of oilseeds crops grown in its different agro climatic zones. Groundnut, mustard/rapeseed, sesame, linseed, Niger seed/castor are the major traditionally cultivated oilseeds. India is a vast country and inhabitants of several of its regions have developed specific preference for certain oils largely depending upon the oils available in the region.

India has emerged as the world’s largest importer of vegetable oils since 1998-99. Ever since that time, the annual imports have kept hovering. The edible oil industry is now one of the leading sustainers of the positive annual economic growth rates India has enjoyed for over a decade now. India’s demand for edible oil has been growing at a rate of 8-9 per annum. The national demand for edible oil gives investment opportunities into the edible oil industry. Trained, trainable as well as unskilled labour is readily available for prospective investors in the sector to utilize.

Considerable opportunities exist in the edible oil sector of the Indian economy. The edible oil sector has shown steady growth. The index of industrial production has been positive and this trend is expected to continue over the foreseeable future.

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