Edgar Sia Ii Interview

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Talk:Edgar Sia II
This is a public service and utility wiki website. Our goal is to create and maintain a webpage for every province, city, municipality, and barangay in the Philippines. Yes a page for all the 42,027 registered barangays in the Philippines. Every barangay site is editable by any registered user. Since the internet is an "equalizer", this site provides the tool for every barangay in the Philippines to be known and "visited". We allow the posting of the businesses in the barangays in the webpage, thereby promoting the barangay. We are also trying to work in conjunction with the COMELEC, so we can list the current elected provincial, city, municipal, and barangay officers within their respective website. Our goal is also to create a simple webpage for each elected government official. To allow the general public to get to know their elected officers. Recently (March 23, 2012) the DILG - Department of the Interior and Local Government (Virgilio A. Castro - Director IV) provided zamboanga.com with the list of elected barangay officials in the Philippines. Kudos to the DILG. The people of the Philippines appreciates the gesture. All these work cost money. However, we do not ask for monetary contributions or donations. We only ask for your collaboration to improve the webpage of your beloved barangay. The minimal ads that you see are our only way to earn the funds to pay for the costs of the servers, bandwidth, and bare bones staff. This website is uniquely designed. The site is based on NAVIGATION. There are other wiki sites about the Philippines but you won't be able to navigate from barangay to barangay, to municipalities, provinces, cities and regions as you can within zamboanga.com. This wiki has a link to each province of the Philippines within the sidebar. You can't get lost! So my plea to you is not for money. My plea to you is for information collaboration. Information enhances education and education empowers the people and this will...
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