Edgar Guest

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Biography of Edgar Albert Guest

The poet Edgar Guest had a significant life. Although many people have not heard of his name, he was still one of the most widely published and accessible poets during the 19th and 20th century and even to this day. To fully understand his importance, it is necessary to examine background, career, and influence he had on others through his poems. Edgar Guest was born on August 20th 1881 in the town off Birmingham, England (Poets.org). When he was ten years old, his family came to the United States and settled in Detroit, Michigan where he was educated. After Edwin (his father) lost his job, Edgar at the age of eleven began working as a copy boy at the Detroit Free Press part time. Later, Edgar’s father died when he was seventeen years old and Edgar had to drop out of high school to support himself and his family so he started to work full time at the Detroit Free Press where he stayed for the next 60 years (Poets.org). He worked his way up quickly working through several jobs and eventually achieved a higher position. Edgar was soon known as the “scrappy reporter in a competitive town” (Poemhunter.com). Then on December 11th 1898 his first poem appeared in a newspaper column creating his remarkable career. (Poemhunter.com). During his mid-life, Guest’s writing career bloomed into action. Soon he would be on radio shows, newspapers columns, and even on television for a short while. All this success started with the Newspaper column “Dailey Table chat” and “Blue Monday Chat” which gave a boost to his career (Poets.org). Soon he would be selling a million copies of his book and be published on several hundreds of newspapers (Poemhunter.com). He was organized and on top of things, never missing deadlines and always bringing quality work. People loved him so much that he eventually acquired the name “people’s poet” (Poemhunter.com). People really admired his work and were influenced by his catchy rhymes and...
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