Edgar Allan Poe's Influences

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Think about Edgar Allan Poe’s writing; for the most part it’s very dim and horror like, with the expectation of a couple works. Now think about how he actually came up with it. Could you write stories like Poe did? His creativity and uniqueness are part of what makes his writings so famous. But an author’s work doesn’t just appear out of thin air. There are things that have influenced the author to write the way they do. Judging by the writing styles and themes of Poe’s writing there must be some serious influences.

The life of Edgar Allan Poe was filled with tragedies that all influenced his talent. From the very beginning of his writing career, he wrote love poems for the lucky girls in his life. When he reached adulthood his writing became darker and more disturbing (possibly due to his excessive experimentation with drugs like opium and alcohol) His horror stories are some of the scariest stories ever written, leaving some speculating on what caused these themes to come so naturally to him. His unstable love life and frequent substance abuse are thought to be major contributors to his gloomy writings. Although historians and literature gurus have come to the conclusion that the primary factor is the death of so many of his loved ones and the abuse which some of them inflicted upon him. This darkened his outlook significantly.

At the tender young age of three, Poe, his brother and his sister were orphaned. His mother died of tuberculosis and his father had abandoned his family soon after Edgar was born. Edgar was too young to be influenced by the death of his mother at the time it occurred, but later in adulthood he began to grieve her lose heavily thinking about how much better his home life would have been if he had never had to live with a foster family. At a young age Poe was very afraid of the dead and the act of dying; he seemed to believe that ghosts and dead bodies would come after him. This is reflected heavily in his work. The reoccurring...
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