Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic Writter

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic fiction, The Tell-Tale Heart Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Would you consider Edgar Allan Poe a gothic writer? Is the short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, the narrator kills an old man and hides his body parts under the floor boards of the old man’s house due to the narrator believing the old man’s eye is evil. Police investigate the old man’s house, when the narrator hears the heartbeat of the old man’s heart and confesses to the murder. “The Tell-Tale Heart” depicts the gothic element of highly charged emotion and a spooky atmosphere.

Edgar Allan Poe uses the gothic element of highly charged emotions in “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Within the short story, Edgar Allan Poe presents fear in the audience throughout his story. “I cut up the corpse-first the head, next the arms, and then the legs.” This line from the narrator displays the terror the audience gets as they read the murder of the old man. Also, this line represents violence the narrator partakes. This terror grants as a gothic element in the short story.

Edgar Allan Poe uses the gothic element of a spooky atmosphere in “The Tell-Tale Heart”. This short story presents an atmosphere of gloom and doom in the setting. “…dead hour of the night…” illustrations a state of spookiness in the setting of the story. This setting gives the audience a frightening feel while reading the story. By giving the story a gloomy mood, it presents itself as a gothic element.

In the short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, Edgar Allan Poe shows the gothic element of highly charged emotions and a gloom and doom atmosphere within the short story. While reading the story, the audience gets a sense of chills, terror, gloom, and suspense, which all adds up to gothic elements in a gothic story.
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