Edgar Allan Poe

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Romanticism, Gothic fiction Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Shew1David ShewProfessor Renee SimmsMarch 9, 2011CW 160: Introduction to PoetryEdgar Allan PoeDark«foreboding...horror«morbid«depressing«weird«confusing«loss«death.One word can gives all these words a common factor. That word is Poe. On paper, "Poe" is just aword, it doesn't mean much. Or it can mean many things. I crater on Mercury. A common figurein the Zelda video game series.The Baltimore Ravens¶ mascot.A popular Tahitian dish. But, for writers, English students, followers of Dark Romanticism, and evenbasic scholars, the word"Poe" means so much more. "Poe" to the aforementioned people, is an icon, a person they aspireto be like, or just a very obscure person who is not and probably never will be fully understood.The word ³Poe´ to all those people refers to the famous poet, short story writer,critic, and author to a few books, known as E.A. Poe, or Edgar Allan Poe, whom most studied persons just knowas Poe. For them, if someone mentioned the word Poe, they would immediately think of Edgar Allan Poe. As previously stated, Poe was a very obscure person whom many literary scholarsstill try to make head or tails of. The favorable reason to his macabre works is thought to be theresult of having so many losses early in his life. Whatever the reason, whether it be because of inopportune deaths or just because he was sick in the head, Poe¶s works did a great deal for English literature and for scholars¶ minds. He is the most renowned writer of Dark Romanticism,namely gothic fiction.Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 to actors Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins andDavid Poe Jr. in Boston, Massachusetts. Infant Edgar had but a short time with his naturalparents as they split up in 1810, due to Mr. Poe abandoning the family. A year after theabandonment, on January 8, 1811, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins died from what is thought if
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