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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Eddie Blinkov
Lean On Me
In the movie called Lean On Me, Joe Clark the principal uses methods to establish authority in the school and these are the ways he did that. Firstly, he comes off as a very strict and disrespectful man to establish dominance in the school with the teachers and students. An example of this is when he first came into the school and yelled at all the teachers for doing a bad job to educate the students. This shows that Joe really cares for these children and wants the teachers to do a better job at what they do. Secondly, Joe expels all the trouble makers and drug users from the school to make it a safer environment to learn in. This is shown when Joe organizes an assembly, and has all the trouble makers and drug users at the very front of the stage, then after wards isolates the from the other students and kicks them out of the school. This indicates that Joe wanted the other students that still had a bright future to be isolated from the people that didn’t and take away the temptation for the students with a possible bright future to go down the wrong path. Lastly, Joe chained up all the doors during school so the drug dealers and outsiders that are dangerous would not get into the school. Am example of this is when that drug dealer broke into the school and started beating up a kid, that is when Joe made the decision to chain up the doors so people like that didn’t get in. This showed that Joe was caring and concerned for the safety of his students. In conclusion, the methods used to establish authority at that school worked well for Joe and it made East Side High School a better school for everyone.
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