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1.Charlemagne tried to create a united Christian Europe. He worked closely with the Church, helping to spread Christianity to the conquered peoples on the fringes of his empire. During his reign, missionaries won converts among the Saxons and the Slavs. Like other Germanic kings, Charlemagne appointed powerful nobles to rule local regions. He gave them land so that they could offers support and supply soldiers for his armies. To keep control of these provincial rulers, he sent out officials called missi dominic to check on roads, listen to grievances, and see that justice was done. Charlemagne hoped to make his capital at Aachen a “second Rome.” To archive this goal, he made determined efforts to revive Latin learning throughout his empire. 2.The structure of feudal society was described as a pyramid because of the contemporary system of that time, which regulates relations between lords and peasants. The feudal system related to the monarch and nobles together, and the most important was the king beneath it was the nobility, the nobility, and the gentry, consisting of minor nobles. 3.A. The pope is absolute master of the Church, still above the faithful, clergy and bishops, but also of the local churches, regional and national, and also over the councils. B. The pope is the supreme lord of the world, all owe subjection including princes, kings and the emperor himself. C. La Roman Church did not err or never err.

5.The powerful lords divided their large landholdings among lesser lords, or vassals, in return for which they are committed to the service and loyalty of the older gentleman. The Lord must also commit to protect his vassal. The vassal also agree to make available to the Lord with 40 days of military service each year, payments of certain amounts of money, and tips. Each of these gentlemen will have subjects, and these subjects in turn, have their own vassals. In many cases, they are both vassals and lords. Once a vassal pledged allegiance...

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