Eda 575 Leadership and Systematic Change

Topics: Management, Leadership, Teacher Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: April 25, 2013

Leadership and Systematic Change

Ronte Harris

Grand Canyon University: EDA-575

January 16, 2013

Often times the largest and most complex challenge in leadership is the ability to recognize the need and institute change. Many times leaders measure their success on the success of the change plan rather than the ability to bring about change. This is where I believe true leadership measurement lies. A successful change plan is as only effective as the ability of the leader to carry out such plan. My current school site is a medium sized comprehensive high school in rural North Florida. This site has about 1400 students with five administrators having delegated duties and responsibilities. Administrator/ Leader No. 1 servers as the head school administrator or principal. This administrator proves to have a reputable resume when it comes to school leadership. The best and most effective quality of this administrator is his ability to bring teams together to accomplish certain goals. Although very knowledgeable in many respects to education, this does not overshadow the ideas and work contributions of the team. The ability to bring about change has also been proven successful. As most good should possess is the ability to work with and around uncooperative individuals. Administrator/ Leader No. 2 serves as an assistant principal. His role primary is school administrative supervision. In this role it is his responsibility to oversee all programs and initiatives of the principal. Somewhat like a “vice- president” or deputy per say. Most staff on campus looks to this individual as the second in command as it relates to school administration. His number one qualities is that he is twenty plus year veteran to the district. He has served as a classroom teacher as well as an administrator at the same school site. He is well known in the community and a public official. Administrator/ Leader No. 3 is a new...
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