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By | April 2012
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Note to Parents on
Outside Reading Book

Dear Parents,

During our next unit of study, we will examine censorship and its influence in society. Therefore, I am asking students to consider reading a challenged and/or banned book as their outside reading book in ninth grade honors. The reason I have chosen this topic is because the next novel that we will be reading is Fahrenheit 451. This book is a dystopian satire that deals with a community who feels it is their duty to burn all books.

Students will not be asked to discuss these outside reading books in class; however, at the end of the six weeks, they will be expected to participate in a book fair where they share information with their classmates. This would include a short synopsis of the book, why it could be challenged and if they agree or disagree with a challenge.

I have attached a short list of books that have been challenged and/or banned over the years. Your student does not have to choose from this list. In fact, I would suggest that he/she does some research and chooses a novel that is of interest, yet does not conflict with his or her personal beliefs. There are many lists on the Internet to access.

If you have questions or concerns about the unit, please email me at Also, please sign the lower portion of this sheet so that I know that you are aware of what your student is reading for the next six weeks.

As always, the book must be 200+ pages and must be at the appropriate reading level.


Anne K. Smith
________________________________________________________________________ I have read Ms. Smith’s plans for the next outside reading book unit and I understand the requirements.

Student’s Signature _____________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature ______________________________________________________

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