Ed Sheeran Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Taylor A
24 September 2012

Ed Sheeran Concert

All day I raced around with anticipation, watching the clock. School felt like it was dragging on more than usual. I hurried to finish my work in class so I could enjoy a stress-free night out. I had been counting down the days ever since I got the tickets! Aside from my anxiety, the Sun was shining and I knew it would be a nice night for a concert. Not only JUST a concert… but an Ed Sheeran concert. I have never been to this venue before nor did I know how many people would be there. This just added to my anxiety. But with the windows rolled down and Ed’s CD blasting my worries flew away with the wind.

With no idea where we were going we spotted a large, crazy crowd of girls (and a few lucky guys) and we knew we had reached our destination. Off in the distance with the CN Tower behind it I could see the stage. Now when I read that the venue was Echo Beach I assumed it would be lakefront but I wasn’t expecting actual sand between your toes. We forgot our chairs and were forced to stand for at least five hours. There was so much to do that we didn’t mind. There was music playing, and lots of interactive kiosks and food trucks. With no dinner in our stomachs the tantalizing smell teased us. We could see the trucks, the tantalizing smell teased us. After grabbing some hot Greek food we walked over to the merchandise table which was as busy as the mall parking lot at Christmas time. The show would be starting soon and we didn’t want to miss it so we scrambled to find a washroom! Now with the knowledge that it was an outdoor venue it is easy to assume the quality of the washroom facilities there. I refused to believe they would be outhouses lined in a semi-circle with a trough in the centre to wash your hands in after. I was out of there as fast as I got in. I made sure not to have any more refreshingly chilled beverages that night as I had no intention of revisiting their “washrooms”. Besides the...
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