Ecudorian Rose Industry

Topics: International trade, Ecuador, Export Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: December 3, 2011
The advantages that allow Ecuador to produce great and abundant roses are mainly made up of the agricultural/climate condition, along with location and workforce. Since the town of Cayambe is located 10,000 feet up near the mountain the high-altitude makes for ideal growing conditions. \along with the combination of sun-light, fertile volcanic soil, equatorial location allows for the roses to be grown all year round. This allows for a great advantage over a lot of competition, because production can say consistent all year long keeping steady amount of export. \where on the other hand if production was slowed down by weather conditions for a few months this would negatively affect the exports. Another comparative advantage that is obtained is the fairly low monthly income that Ecuador has, this allows for companies to pay employees relatively low wages. Although some companies may pay employees well over the countries average income, in comparison to many more developed countries/., the dollar amount is significantly less. 2) Most Ecuadorians roses are sold in the United States or in Europe. Who in these countries benefits from the importation of Ecuadorian roses, and how do they benefit? Who loses? Do you think the benefits outweigh the cost? The main parties that would benefit from the sales of Ecuadorian roses in these countries are the retail stores that sell the roses (flower shops, grocery stores, speciality stores etc.) and the consumers themselves. The retail stores have the benefit to an all year round supply of great roses that are in very-high demand. The quality of the actual rose is much better that what local producers can provide and there is constant access to them. The consumers have the pleasure to purchase amazing roses that were not being offered before, and access to them all year round as well. The main losers in these countries are the local producers that once supplied all of the retail stores. They are now presented with...
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