Ecuadorian Roses

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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1.The Ecuadorean competitive advantages are the variety of kinds of roses that are planted in huge flat fields at the foot of snowcapped volcanoes that rise to more than 20,000 feet which give the roses the best soil full of minerals to give high quality roses. Besides that the cost of labor , material ,chemicals are low which give a low cost production and low selling price for a perfect quality and they give a huge support for women by employing women and give them control over their family spending and make them independent and support their families and their children's education . These Advantages give the Ecuadorian roses expand rapidly and have a high exportation rate.

2.United states and Europe both benefit from importing roses from Ecuador since they import roses in low prices and the cost of planting roses in US or Europe in higher than the cost of importing these roses in addition of the cost of the quality of the roses. While in Ecuador the salaries are very low and the soil is perfect for the roses which make the importation cost lower than the local production of roses. The one who loses in this case are the local producers of roses in US and Europe since they will not sell their roses and they will lose and cannot compete with the high quality lower cost Ecuadorian roses. The benefits of importing roses from Ecuador is a good and profitable business for US and Europe as well as Ecuador since Ecuador is expanding and exporting roses, US and Europe and importing high quality roses that are cost less than if they want to plant roses .
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