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Ecuador, a small country that rests on the north western part of South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru. Ecuador gained their independence on May 24, 1822 from Spain. Ecuador only has a population of about 13 million people, and the capital is Quito. The country is divided into 22 provinces, Guayaquil being the largest in Ecuador. The have a democratic republic government, and the current president is, Rafael Correa Delgado and has been the president since 2007. People consider president Rafael Correa Delgado to be a good president with his principles, but also has his flaws as he seeks to make Ecuador a communist country, which many native citizens of the country reject the idea.

Ecuador is governed by the new and revised constitution of 1998. Their government setup is basically almost the same as the United States, their executive branch is run by the elected president, and the president can only serve a term of 4 years, and can also not serve consecutive terms. President Rafael Correa is seen as the head of state and also head of the government. Ecuador’s legislature consists of 100 elected officials, that like the president can serve for 4 years term. What makes the country very hard to believe that its government is lasting this long is because of the amount of changes that Ecuador’s government has had to adapt too. The revisions of their constitutions from 1978 to 1998 changes drastically as Ecuador adapted significant institutional reforms throughout the years. These reforms were mainly taken from our constitution, ever since Ecuador introduced the American dollar to the nation as its currency. Ever since then Ecuador has been adapting and borrowing more ideas from the American culture as they feel it will help with its success as a more democratic country. This was just a basic overview of Ecuador and its government. The main concern that I’m focusing on is the issue that...
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