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ECTP Lab Exercise 2
Question: 1)
In customized order in, the website provides a link tab for the customer to customize their desire design on Nike products. The link called “NIKEiD”, where there are varieties of Nike product that can be customized by their clients or customers. In my case, I chose one of “Nike Mercurial Glide III” as a product to be customized. Here the process, the website allow the customer to choose the color code for their shoes, laces, size, printed name and Nike design as the customer want to design. Like shown below diagram, is the step by step of shoe making customization for Nike customer. Once the customer or client does not satisfied, they can start over again and design.

Later once all designed done and size of shoes has been chosen, the next step was adding the customized item into cart for purchasing it, like shown below.

Here are the details of the customer cart with the shipping payment being shown to the customer.

Then here, the mode of payment that can be done by Nike website, either we can pay using PayPal or any master, visa or credit and debit account.

The result of this personalization or customization of this shoe will not lead to a greater sales volume. As this type of customization is not really needed by most of customer unlike electronics product might be hit the sales high in this type of business customization because there is a need and satisfaction of customer product and service can be apprehend from this business. For this type of business it will target few of customers that are highly taste in sense of unique design or want to have different looks from other usual product. It will only hit a few of customer target for a better-fitting shoe. 2. Advantages and disadvantages of online and off-line B2B.

Online and off-line B2B|
Online B2B| Offline B2B|
Advantages: * Save money. * Save time. * Can work anywhere and anytime. * Less manpower. * Less effort needed. * New...
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