Ecourier, Cablecom, and Bryan Cave: Delivering Value Through Business Intelligence

Topics: The New York Times, Value added, Decision making Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: November 5, 2012

1. From long time companies or institutes were think shared services is support units. But in this time, institutes and companies share services face pressure to make significant help. So, innovation support group is one of the most critical issue facing companies in our life. In this news paper The New York Times, they have a high IT to enabled innovation to the top of the agenda. In 2006, development group built operates as a shared service across nearly two dozen newspapers, a radio station, and more than 50 web sites. The goal of this role is to finding chances and prototyping ideas. This environment can be help them to based a new ideas. Also, the team’s work is proposed to support innovation-taking place within the business units. The advantage influenced by shared service the companies ho they control their finical capital, technology, and human capital. We can say there are many advantages in shared service I’ll listed as for example not limit it: decrease cost, find and get information across countries and sites, remove non value added activities, increase effectiveness and efficiency in non core processes, and simplify administrative processes. The disadvantage is the decision making process is more difficult and longer. 2. Boston Scientific takes software that allows the wider engineering community to share information while managing access to product development data. I think this way to adopt this problem solves is active security. Boston Scientific is guiding Invention Machines’s Goldfire software, which provides the right mix of openness and security for data. Goldfire makes an automated workflow out, for example, tasks as analyzing markets and milking a company’s intellectual property. It combines internal company data with information from public sources, such as federal government databases. The researchers can use the software to find connections among different sources, such as, by highlighting similar ideas. People can use,...
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