Ecosystem Preservation and Conservation

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  • Published : January 8, 2007
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Ecosystem Preservation versus Conservation
Earth is composed of many different ecosystems and each one is a "dynamic complex of plant, animal, and micro-organism communities interacting with the non-living environment as a functional unit" (Protecting Threatened Ecosystems, 2004). These ecosystems are an intricate part of the human lifecycle as they provide us with our water, food and energy. Since mankind is in a take and take some more relationship with the ecosystems, many of them have had their natural processes disrupted, not to mention the added pollution and excessive use. According to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation "Over 60% of all ecosystems on the globe are overexploited and have entered into a degradation cycle with often unknown consequences" (2004). How do we as humans combat this you ask? The answer, a simple one, is through ecosystem maintenance by conservation or preservation. Ecosystem preservation is the continued, uninterrupted natural cycle of a particular ecosystem by mankind. When an ecosystem is encroached by mankind the slightest disturbance could disrupt the entire system bringing an end to any particular flora or fauna that may solely thrive within that ecosystem. In my opinion it is an excellent example of "Natural Regulation" or the action of nature without intervention by man. By not interfering with the ecosystem it will be able to regulate the flora and fauna through the combined effects of weather and natural native enemies. One of the pros of ecosystem preservation is that not all ecosystems are created the same or blessed with the same amount of flora or fauna which in layman's terms means that no two ecosystems are identical, and some will have more flora or fauna then others. This is beneficial if the smaller ecosystem should become breached and a particular flora or fauna should have their numbers dwindle. On the opposite end of the spectrum if the larger ecosystem is compromised fleeing fauna may be able to...
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