Ecosystem and Living Organisms

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Ecosystem and Living Organisms
By: Tiepha Bridges
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Jonathan Neville
February 29, 2012

Ecosystem and Living Organisms
Gray wolves were once free to roam across Northern America, but this was before people hunted, trapped, and poisoned them. The drastic reduction of the Gray wolves in Northern America was a devastating blow to the ecosystem, but their extinction marked a critical loss to the diversity of the ecosystem. Many scientists agreed that reintroducing the Gray wolves was the best solution to restore the diversity of the ecosystem (Raven, 2009). While this recommendation was adopted some decades later, this scientific method helped improve the situation though with some side effects. Nonetheless, enforcing the endangered species act could also help alleviate the situation by reducing hunting or poising of the Gray wolves. Man’s action in Northern America such as hunting and poising of wolves led to the significant reduction of Gray wolves. These actions led to unintended impact on the ecosystem with many Gray Wolves become extinct in many places. In any ecosystem, the availability of wild life and vegetation contribute to the ecological balance. This was the case of the Gray wolves before people hunted them down and poisoned some of them. With the fall in the number of Gray wolves and extinction in some areas, man’s action, though unintended, had caused a devastation impact on the ecological balance of Northern America. Many scientists agreed the population of Gray wolves to some selected regions in Northern America, such as Yellowstone, could possibly alleviate the problem bring the wolves population back to living throughout the regions. With man’s action contributing to the extinction of Gray Wolves, reintroducing the wolves into the Yellowstone ecosystem offered a solution of increasing the population of the wolves. This...
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