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The rainforest is characterized by it's high annual rainfall. It can get between 1700mm to 2000mm per year. The rainforest can be divided into two which are Tropical rainforest and also the Temperate rainforest. The soil quality in a rainforest is usually rated as poor. Rapid bacterial decays eventually prevents the accumulation of humus. Concentrations of irons and aluminum oxides by the laterization process gives the oxisols a bright red color and at certain times will produce minable deposits. On volcanic regions, tropical soils may be very fertile. The rainforest consists of 5 layers. These layers are:

-Emergent layer: 40-50m above ground. Species found can be eagles, butterflies, bats and also certain monkeys. -Canopy: the canopy lies 30-44m above ground and this layer is where 40% of all plant species are found. A quarter of all insect species are believed to exist in the rainforest canopy. -Understory layer: This understory is known as the home of a few number of birds, snakes, and lizards, as well as predators such as jaguars, boa constrictors, and leopards. The leaves are much larger at this level. Insect life is also abundant. Many seedlings that will grow to the canopy level are present in the understory. Only about 5% of the sunlight shining on the rainforest reaches the understory. -Shrub Layer: This layer basically consists of only large-leaved plants and very little animal species. -Forest Floor: this layer can only receive 2% of the whole rainforests sunlight. Therefore only special plants that can adapt to this environment will grow at this layer. The forest floor is clear of any sort of vegetation. Most decays of leaves and also animals are found in this part of the rainforest. Fungi grows in this layer which helps decaying of animals and plants better. The rainforest has various sorts of fauna's. it includes mammals, reptiles, and the inveretebrates. The mammals consists of primates, felids, reptiles, insects, and birds. The...

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