Economy of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Topics: Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Gross domestic product Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Ussenbayeva Zhansaya

Professor William Gray

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4 March 2013

Economy of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan After independence Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan were just doomed to rivalry in the region, as the two largest and most advanced economies. In addition, their leaders Nursultan Nazarbayev and Islam Karimov have always sought to position themselves as strong leaders in Central Asian states. Kazakhstan is currently the third trade partner of Uzbekistan, after Russia and China. In recent years, Kazakhstan is seeking to reduce this dependence by developing Amangeldy gas field. Even given the fact that the Amangeldy gas can not provide for all of the south of Kazakhstan, its political significance lies in the fact that the development of the field makes more things to defend their positions, when Uzbekistan tried to raise prices. Uranium mining and export in Kazakhstan is already the main leader not only for the separately regions, but also around the world. Kazakhstan, according to various estimates, the reserves of uranium is the 2nd and 5th position in the world and Uzbekistan on stocks of raw materials is included in the club`s first 10 countries. What is the current status of these states across the regional economics of Central Asia? Admittedly, Kazakhstan is the obviously winner. If we take this figure as the gross domestic product of Kazakhstan leaves far behind all the countries of the region. According to the World Bank, GDP of the country in 2010 was at around 142 billion dollars, also from Uzbekistan-37.5 billion dollars. Kazakhstan also observed the most advanced standard of living in terms of GDP per capita. Gross national income per capita in 2010 was 10 thousand dollars. Here, Kazakhstan has the advantage of more than 3-fold when compared with Uzbekistan. Nowadays Uzbekistan is objectively failing state. In the mid-90s clearly showed signs of regressive development , with...
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