Economy and Emerging Markets

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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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Economic and emerging markets

1. Lobbying is policy of hiring people to rep. ..
2. Which of the following was initially a code governing moral and ethical bahaviour and was later extended to commercial translation? Civil law 3. Uniformity is interpreting and applying laws in more than 1 country is known as standardization. 4. Intellectual property can be broadly classified as either industrial property or copyrights. 5. A patent is a right granted to the inventor of a product or process that excludes others from making, using, or selling inventions. 6. Industrial property includes patents and trademarks, which are often considered a firm's most valuable assets. 7. Copyright are protected under the Geneva Convention and the 2004 Universal Copyright Convention. F 8. Laws designed to prevent companies from fixing prices, sharing markets, and gaining unfair monopoly advantages are called antitrust (anti monopoly) laws. 9. A tax levied...=>value-added tax

10. Government use consumption to help...

International Trade
1. A county's economic system consists of the structure and processes it uses to allocate its resources and conduct its commercial activities. T 2. Central planning is rooted in the ideology that the welfare of the group is more important than individual well-being. 3. China's leaders describe its economic philosophy as socialism with chinese characteristics. 4. In china, family relationships rarely enter the business environment. F 5. In 1997, China regained control of Hong Kong.

6. 6.Which of the following is not an example of a mixed economy? USA 7. The main goal of privatization is to increase economic efficiency, boost productivity and raise living standards. T 8. The price mechanism dictates supply and demand is a market economy. T 9. To functions smoothly and properly, a market economy requires three things, free choice, free enterprise, and price flexibility. 10. The goal...
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