Topics: Smoking, Lung cancer, Passive smoking Pages: 10 (1849 words) Published: April 14, 2013
CSEC Economics School Based Assessment

An Economic Analysis on the Factors Which Influences Smoking in the Community of Golden Spring, St. Andrew

Topic: Demerit Good

Name of Candidate: Renae Bennett
Candidate’s number:
Centre number: 100049
School: Holy Childhood High
Teacher: Mrs. Henry-Fagan
Teritory: Jamaica
Year of Examination: May/June 2013 Examination




Firstly the researcher would like to thank her teacher for the assistance along the way for the completion of this research. She also is grateful for the provision of the necessary stationeries needed. This research would have been impossible without the help of God for providing me with the strength, endurance and knowledge needed.

Table of Contents


Aims and Objectives1
Methodology Employed2

Presentation of Data4-5
Analysis and Interpretation

Aims and Objectives

1. To describe the factors which lead to smoking in the community of Golden Spring. 2. To bring to ‘fore’ effects relating to the use of the demerit good, tobacco. 3. To outline the different types of tobacco.

1. To assess solutions which can be brought forward by the government to reduce the issue of the high consumption of smoking substances and the purchase of it.

Methodology Employed

The methodologies employed in doing this research are questionnaires, books and the internet.

According to Sandy and Grayson (2000), a questionnaire is a sheet of paper with designed questions given to respondents in order to receive relevant data for a research. The questions are standardized; however it is difficult to assess the motivation of respondents through this method.

The reasons for choosing this method are:
* It requires little time to be complete
* It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are not required to write their names on the questionnaire. It therefore guarantees anonymity * It is inexpensive
* Allows for easy collation of data


Please place a tick in the box or write on the line provided.

1. Gender

2. Age

3. Do you smoke?

4. What age did you start smoking?

5. Why did you start to smoke?
□Peer pressure□To relax/meditate
□StressOther _______________________

6. What do you smoke?
□Craven AOther _______________________

7. How often do you purchase this substance?

8. Do you smoke in public?

9. How do you feel about people smoking in public?
___________________________________________________________________________ 10. Do you think smoking has any effect on second-hand smokers? □Yes□No

11. How do you feel when you smoke?

12. How often do you smoke?
□1-2 times daily□WeeklyOther ____________________
□3-4 times daily□Monthly
□5-6 times daily□Only when stressed/depressed

13. Do you find smoking expensive?

14. Do you work?
□Yes □No

15. If NO, how do you sustain your smoking habits?

16. Are you aware of...
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