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Benjamin Graham is known to have grown the seeds of investment in America's Wall Street. Graham was a great economist who introduced the present day security analysis. Being the founder of value investing Graham paved the way for a new era of economical strategy setting and planning which were carried forward by his students like Warren Buffett, Mario Gabelli, John Neff, Michael Price, and John Bogle and many others. Graham's books 'Security Analysis' and 'The Intelligent Investor' are regarded as immortal references for financial and economical experts, strategists and enthusiasts. Graham's books have been referred to by many economy proponents to help writing several other similar books. Even to the present day Graham's ideas and economical approaches are religiously followed and retained. According to Warren Buffet Graham was a sheer genius who was much like a father to Warren Buffet and many other disciples to whom he imparted his great knowledge and brilliance in order for them to make path breaking contributions after him

FAMOUS AS: Economist, Investor
BORN ON: 08 May 1894 Famous 8th May Birthdays
BORN IN: London, England
DIED ON: 21 September 1976
NATIONALITY: United Kingdom
ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus Famous Taureans
WORKS & ACHIEVEMENTS: Idea of Value Investment for the first time, Wrote 'The Intelligent Investor' which became a famous book

Bertil Gotthard Ohlin

Born on April 23, 1899, Bertil Ohlin was the founder of the modern theory of dynamics of trade. His research on international trade and capital movement proved to be a turning point in his life. Due to Ohlin's works and theorems, Economics was taken to a higher standard and recognition was brought to it. The Heckscher-Ohlin model faced many criticisms and finally, suitable credit was given to it. Ohlin cultivated his love for numbers and trade at an early age and this made him a successful economist and a scholar. The Nobel Prize that Bertil Ohlin earned was purely based on his wisdom. Apart from his academic interests, Ohlin was also keen on the politics of the nation. He served as the leader of the Swedish Liberal Party for 20 years with commendable contributions towards the country's growth and development. Other than his professional life, he was certified by his colleagues, as being notoriously handsome and charming.

FAMOUS AS: Economist
BORN ON: 23 April 1899
BORN IN: Klippan, Sweden
DIED ON: 03 August 1979
ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus Famous Taureans WORKS & ACHIEVEMENTS: Nobel Prize recipient for Economics, Founder of the modern theory of dynamics of trade, Swedish Liberal Party leader

Franco Modigliani

Franco Modigliani was an eminent Italian Economist and Nobel Prize Laureate, who, with his great passion for economics, formulated many theories in his domain. Though born in Italy, he spent most of his life in America, teaching and engaging in scripting works, all of course, related to his all-time passion — economics. He was a strong antifascist who actively participated in various resistance movements with the support of Littoriali, a student organization in Italy. Greatly influenced by the great Economist John Maynard Keynes, he developed many important economic theories, most important one being the life-cycle hypothesis, which he developed with fellow economists like Irving Fisher, Roy Harrod, and Albert Ando and for which he was given the Nobel Memorial Prize in 1985. In this hypothesis, he made significant analysis on savings and financial markets. He also inspired several economics aspirants with his lectures and important discourses. Read on to explore more about the personal life, career, and achievements of this extraordinary economist. FAMOUS AS: Economist BORN ON: 18 June 1918 Famous 18th June Birthdays

BORN IN: Rome, Italy
DIED ON: 25 September 2003
ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini Famous Geminis
WORKS & ACHIEVEMENTS: Credited with having formulated many...
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