Economics Solve Dimension in Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Problem solving Pages: 4 (1681 words) Published: June 19, 2011
PHL 212
Jun 16, 2010
Economics Solve Dimension In Ethical Dilemma
There are a lot of ethical dilemma problems in our society, and need us to give a final comments. By the hard work of finding the results, we find that most of people prefer to solve the problem by using the rules, not moral rules, these are the rules which can keep our society's orders, but we usually forget to use the moral ways to do analysis. We should know that ethical dilemma problems are belong to ethical problems, so we can't drop the trial of using different kinds of sides to see the problems.

There are a very old and famous story that almost all the people know in the world --- Adam and Eve. If they followed the rules, they could stay in that heaven world, but if they stole and ate the Forbidden fruit, they could have the happiness of both in spirit and body, and they also could their own children. But if they did this, they also have to face a morality problem. We can treat this problem as a people facing the personal value and social value, which one the person will choose. Everyone knows that the social value is more important, but it is really hard to choose that when we face a big and attractive personal value. In our book, chapter 6, Social Contract, we can know that the ultraism is limited because of people's selfishness, more or less. So the best we can do is choosing the ways to solve problems get as closed as social value, and to accord with social value. Ethical problems are a huge area, and as the economic wave today we have, ethical dilemmas can be seen everywhere in the economic area. And a lot of problems should not only be treated as economic problems, but also ethical problems.

It is a real story which happened in China. There was a man hit by a car, and he was dying. But he was a lucky man at first because he was found by another man who was the mayor of that city. The mayor sent him to the hospital, and the dying man kept his life temporarily. But after two...
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