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  • Published: February 19, 2013
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An analysis into the involvement of adults in the financial sector.

Purpose of Investigation
The purposes of this research are:
1. To identify the association of adults with the formal sector of Tobago. 2. To determine the involvement of adults in the informal sector of Tobago. 3. To determine the factors affecting the involvement of adults in the financial sector.

Methods of Investigations
The primary source of information used in this project is:
1. Questionnaire. Thirty-one questionnaires were distributed to residents of Canaan. All the persons responding were eighteen and over.

Limitations Faced
Some limitations faced are:
* Villagers misunderstanding some of the questions.
* Villagers not taking the questionnaire seriously.
* Locating responders to retrieve questionnaires was difficult since they were not known personally.

Presentation of Data

Factors Affecting Choice in Stock Market

Frequency of Use of Stock Market Service

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Description of Financial System in Trinidad and Tobago
The financial system is a network of savers, investors and financial institutions that work together to ensure that savings are transferred to investors. The financial system consists of two sectors: formal and informal. The formal sector includes all the financial institutions that are regulated officially, such as, commercial banks, credit unions, central bank, stock exchange and insurance companies. The informal sector includes all financial activities that are not under official control, such as, sou sou, money lending. The functions of the Central Bank are:

* maintaining the exchange rate of the local currency
* solely authorizing the issuing of money
* acting as treasurer to government; making payments and receiving taxes * acting as a banker to commercial banks by managing their banking systems * assisting commercial banks that are facing...
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