Economics Sample Schemes of Work

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  • Published: January 30, 2013
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Sample Schemes of


Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in
First award 2010
July 2008

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Authorised by Roger Beard
Prepared by Sara Furness
All the material in this publication is copyright
© Edexcel Limited 2008




Unit 1: Competitive Markets


Unit 2: Managing the Economy


Unit 3: Business Economics and Economic Efficiency


Unit 4: The Global Economy


These schemes of work will give you guidance on planning delivery of the GCE in Economics. They are intended to help you plan the course in outline and give you further insight into the principles behind it, to assist you and your students in succeeding in the qualification. They are in Microsoft Word, so that you can adapt and amend the schemes of work.

Schemes of work – Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Economics – Issue 1 –July 2008 © Edexcel Limited 2008



Schemes of work – Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Economics Issue 1 –July 2008 © Edexcel Limited 2008

Unit 1: Competitive Markets
Suggested delivery/activity schedule
Basic reading references
Anderton A — Economics, 4th Edition (Causeway Press, 2006) ISBN 1902796926 Cramp P — Labour Markets: The Economics of Work and Leisure, 3rd Edition, (Anforme, 2006) ISBN 190550408X Tarrant R — Friday Afternoon A-Level Economics Resources (Philip Allan, 2008) ISBN 0340966629 Economic Review (ER) magazine — Philip Allan Updates

Economics Today (ET) magazine — Anforme




2 hours

The basic economic problem and scarcity

Anderton, Unit 1

Production possibility frontiers:

ER September 2006
page 15 — PPFs — P Smith

Students are likely to be unsure what economics
entails as a subject — this may be worth a lesson
of discussion in itself. PPFs do not need to be
used to illustrate absolute and comparative
advantage. Students should be aware of the
causes and implications of an economy operating
inside its PPF. Students should be provided with
a list of economic statements and asked to
explain why they are either positive or

opportunity cost

economic growth (causes of shifts
inwards/outwards of PPF).

Positive and normative economics

ER November 2006
page 20 — Positive and
Normative — P Smith
ET September 2006
page 10 — PPFs
Tarrant, Introduction to
Economics Bingo

Schemes of work – Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Economics – Issue 1 –July 2008 © Edexcel Limited 2008






1.5 hours
(3.5 hours
to date)

Specialisation and division of labour:

Anderton, Unit 2

Brighter students could be encouraged to
investigate Adam...
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