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Literature Review on Employability (ML120)

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1) Introduction

2) Main Body (Break Down into Sub Headings)

3) Conclusion


This report will be looking through the issues of employment and unemployment through gender comparing it from the developing world and the developed world, the use of education and how they can affect a person’s employability. Looking at various concepts with in these issues and review others research. This will develop into the modern day theories on how women are perceived in society, the work place and our ideologies. Then the report will be looking at education and what the affects are on people’s chances of becoming employed for a company, looking at it from someone who has had a good education and someone who has not, then to look through the estimated earning for both. These concepts will be reviewed by using secondary research using books, journals, newspaper articles and E-books.

Main Body

What is employability? “Employability is the acquisition of attributes (knowledge, skills, and abilities) that make graduates more likely to be successful in their chosen occupations (whether paid employment or not)”(Quality Research Using this definition will help to show what exactly others have found using this term and implementing their own research and opinions on this subject.

Concept 1: Gender

The first subject area that the report will be looking at will be the subject of gender. The first part of gender will be looking into the difference of the woman’s role within a developing country and a developed country. One type of research has looked at it in terms of economics. Does poor investing in girl’s education, have an ongoing affect on the developing countries economic growth? According to Dollar and Gatti (1999), the three main questions asked were “1. Is lower investment in girls' education simply an efficient economic choice for developing countries? 2. Does gender inequality reflect different social or cultural preferences about gender roles? 3. Is there evidence of market failures that may lead to under-investment in girls, failures that may decline as countries develop?” The answers given were shown as developing countries putting policies in place that were set to be difficult and counterproductive. As on one hand some were trying to reduce gender inequality yet whilst reducing the investment into girl’s education hindered the economic growth for their respective economies. So girl’s who are looking for work will only find work in the non high-ranking management jobs. Where as, in developed countries where good investment in girl’s education, has proven to raise the national income, increases economic growth and helps promote gender equality within the work place. However, these finding’s were based over ten years ago now and may be considered to be up to date. From another point of view this could be contradicted by the fact that women in the developed countries still face gender inequality. Meyers (1994), has suggested that women still face inequality in the work place, as women who consider having children a core project will be left behind in their careers. As attendance and experience is expected when looking for the next promotion in a company. Thus putting family first before work can then be stigmatized with the name ‘freeloaders’ taking vacations. In that sense, equality for women who become mothers in traditional relations is losing out to men. The reason for that could possibly have to do with narrow mindedness and bigotry. However, this has been institutionalized into our society for a long time now. Mayers (1994) has cited Freud’s Figuration of Femininity as one possible explanation as to why people still to this day hold some prejudices against women in the modern world. So it does not matter really if the society women live in holds the key to gender inequality. As...
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