Economics and Good Management Team

Topics: Economics, Management, Corporation Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: February 7, 2012
What is the Organization Type of ICEDELIGHTS? Why?
Icedelights is a typical administrative type of organization. Their policies can be characterized as rational, there is a full develeopment emphasis, there is also some innovation but not as much as a promotion type of company and there is also some risk but no absolute unsertenty. Icedelights take careful decisions before of each step. Despite the fact that there are many people willing to take over the Florida market they decide that they have to wait until they are able to provide full support to the new California franchisee and then they weill expand. Their basis for success is a carefully planned adaptation to enviromnment and their pattern of growth is linear.

3. Is the ICEDELIGHTS opportunity a good one?
This looks like a very good opportunity as long as the assumptions made by Paul, Mark and Eric are correct. a) There seems to be big demand for the flordia market by investors b) Icedelights seems to be doing well in Boston since they are considering of openning new stores there. c) The company keeps growing with francisees opening in california and in oregon. This will help establish a good name for the company but also make it more popular to the public. d) The Florida’s population will grow in the future and thus the market will expand. e) Icedelights will provide them with good support

4. What are the key risk elements?
a) The Florida’s population growth: The florida’s population is projected to grow. However, there is a risk that this may not be the case so that if the population srinks then their market will also decrease. b) Icedelights may not provide the support that has claimed. c) Icedelights does not have a reputable name as the three friends believe. d) A difference in personalities between the three can have negative consequencies in the decision making. By reading the text we understand that there is a friction going on between them in some cases. e) The competition in...
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