Economic Struggle in Families: Personal View

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Take care of your money; think in the future.
Currently one of the main reasons that people have so many economic problems are because people did not know how to care for money when they were young without thinking that should have been prepared for the future. For example, when my father was young, he always spent a lot of money in women and diversions without thinking that in the future he had to start building a legacy for his family. The last years he established a lot of business, but it failed by the bad administration and management. Today, my father regrets past because he did not know the value and the importance of the money he had spent. As a consequence, currently my father has a great pressure to maintain my family. During the course of my life, there were other causes that my father provoked economic struggles in my family, like Infidelity (when my father spent money to support his lover and her whims), addictions (when my father spent money in alcohol and betting), business failures (bad administration, offered high salaries to employers, spent customer deposits, bounced checks), credit cards abuse, bankruptcy, unemployed (when my father lost his job, and he had trouble at finding a job), bad spending habits (when my father spent more than he earned), and getting behind with bills. Many people do not think about the consequences it causes the family members not knowing how to take care the money. Some of the consequences of the errors that my father committed was the need of requesting credits (big trouble, he just gets into debt more), demands, almost divorce, home problems, work more hours, and loss of personal properties (jewelry, houses, land, cars). My father to overcome that problem needs to recognize that probably he is stressed, he need to be realistic, control his spending, get help, be honest, don’t run from his problems, and don’t give up. Currently my mother is which is worried about solving the problems while my father is...
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